The meaning of life: finding your true identity

maskAmong our most important beliefs are those we hold about who we are.

People have enormous capabilities beyond what’s thought to be possible. The power to tap into our tremendous potential comes from our identity: how we define ourselves, and what believe we can achieve.

Identity is the strongest force in human personality. We all have a deep and abiding need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves. Any transformation you make within yourself will depend on your ability to expand this identity. By building a new, empowering set of beliefs, you can create a lasting transformation within yourself and in your life.

The Key Principles of Identity

1. Identity is the most important power that determines our actions. We will act according to our views of who we truly are—whether these views are accurate or not.

2. Once we know who we are, we must learn to be ourselves. Trying to live in a way that’s inconsistent with our true nature will create a life of frustration, stress and disappointment. We must learn to embrace our deepest needs, desires, strengths, fears, values and beliefs in order to create harmony and tap into our tremendous potential.

3. Sometimes, people maintain the illusion that their behavior decides who they really are.Nothing could be further from the truth. We have all experienced moments of anxiety and defeat, and as a result have said or done things that don’t reflect who we are. This does not make these behaviors a part of our identity. Rather, they are momentary lapses or unique attempts to meet our needs in the moment.

4. When you take responsibility, you restore your identity. When we create unfavorable or hostile situations, we should take action to repair any harm that we may have caused.

5. The fastest way to expand our identity is to do something that’s inconsistent with our current self-image. For example, complete a physical challenge like surfing or sky diving as a way to shake things up.

6. Our personal identities are in a constant state of evolution. We all contain the power to reinvent ourselves and create
a new, empowered identity that expands what is possible in our lives. The key is to take conscious control of the beliefs we are creating about ourselves, so they can propel us toward what we desire most.

“Your philosophy of life shapes you more than anything else.” —Anthony Robbins

Fuente: A. Robbins 



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